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A Tapestry of Colours: Stories from Asia 

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A Tapestry of Colours 2 cover 19 May (1)

This is a set of two specially curated anthologies of Asian short stories. Book 1 provides a platform for readers to develop global awareness of the landscape and the people of Asia. Book 2 encourages readers to reflect on their own values, perspectives and identities, and reflect on how their own experiences, beliefs and actions impact society.

ISBN - 978 981 4928 72 4
ISBN - 978 981 4928 73 1 
Book 1 
Anitha Devi Pillai    Raymund P Reyes    Babitha Marina Justin   Sachiko Kashiwaba (Translated by Avery Fischer Udagawa)   Niduparas Erlang (Translated by Annie Tucker)    Janani Janarthanan    Asma' Jailani   Clara Mok    Maureen SY Tai   Tripat Narayanan    Charlotte Hammond    Muthusamy Pon Ramiah
Book 2
Clara Mok    Carol Pang    Karen Kao    Lailaine F Yanilla Aquino    Debasree Ghosh
Ismin Putera    Alice Bianchi-Clark    Heidi Emily Eusebio-Abad    Sohana Manzoor    
Sumitra Selvaraj    Tina Jimin Walton    Prasanthi Ram

... given the excellent collection of stories presented here, with their illuminating introductions and intimate accounts of their generative occasions, almost no student will be able to resist the essential dimension of literary experience – that of becoming immersed in the story itself and thereby ready for rich conversation about what happened and why we care. 

Professor Sheridan Blau, Teachers College, Columbia University 

A Tapestry of Colours–Stories from Asia (Volumes 1 & 2) deserves wide recognition and reading. The editor, writers, and translators have accomplished not only an exquisite introduction to Asia that embraces its cultures, histories, languages, and people, they have produced a collection of stories that can stand alongside any anthology of its kind.

If this anthology doesn’t win a literary prize, I will drink huge amounts of hot chocolate and take extended public transport throughout Malaysia, all the while inquiring about lemurs that are mathematical geniuses, flying pigs, and chatty brooms.

Dr Keith Jardim, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia 

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