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A View of Stars

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Especially for fans of love stories comes a collection written by established and new authors. This anthology is partly inspired by true stories and partly by well-known epic tales.

A young woman of Peranakan descent in Singapore, a Malayalee woman thousands of miles away from Singapore at the brink of WWII and an interracial couple in current times, all face a similar predicament – Do they break free from conventions and follow their beckoning hearts?

A young man with no future nor prospects pines for his one true love in his kampong, a May-December couple's plans for their second chance is threatened, a young impressionable woman falls for a man-child – Will fate give them a helping hand?

What if Cinderella's evil stepmother had loved her? What if the hundred nights of pursuit of the 10th-century Japanese court lady Ono Komachi took place in Singapore?

What if a single decision, one moment or an unspoken wish changed your life forever?

ISBN - 978-9814928076

A View of Stars

Between these pages, a reader will discover how different we are as people, and how unique as individuals, but also how alike we are in our need to connect, and in our desire to tell our stories. Ranging from re-visions of well-known romantic legends to personal re-imagining of family stories, this collection is finally an affirmation of the transformative and creative potential of love, and its power to move us.  

Assistant Professor Wernmei Yong Ade, Nanyang Technological University


This anthology is filled with star-crossed love stories by local authors, from veterans Robert Yeo and Meira Chand to recent debut writers such as Yeoh Jo-Ann, Linda Collins and Inez Tan. Many of these tales are inspired by real love stories. Editors Anitha Devi Pillai and Felix Cheong both contributed stories from their own families. 

The Straits Times 

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