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Mothers in Darkness  
Anitha Devi Pillai

Two mothers sit in darkness today

in two different rooms in this island.

Neither saw it coming.

How could they have?


They knew about the class tests and early dismissals –

the school sends out schedules for things like that.

They knew about the choir practices and sports meets –

mothers circle those sorts of things on calendars.


For all of us who leave our kids at the gates

at the ONE place we know our kids are safe,

We don’t even text to find out how they are.

Texting is not allowed in schools, anyways.

But why should we?


Once we send them through those gates

We hurry off to get to our chores and tasks

until it’s time –

time for the kids to return home.

It’s all scheduled on the timetable!

That's how it's supposed to be!


But for two mothers, like you and me –

in two homes, two schedules –

that was not the case - not today.


They now sit in darkness.

No school bells to race towards,

nor school gates to drive away from.


I hope they know –

we sit in darkness with them too.

We sit in shock in this little island.


This was written in response to a terrible tragedy that occurred in a high school in Singapore.

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