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Mother's Day Card​

Anitha Devi Pillai

No, it wasn’t perfect -

at least not in the traditional sense.


It arrived a little crumbled

as he had clutched it too tightly on his way home.

His eraser had left marks on it

that he could not get rid of...

and the beans kept ‘rolling away, Mummy’

he said about his attempt

to glue those little red things onto the paper

to form two hearts - his & mine.


It was my FIRST Mother’s Day card.

He was all of 3 1/2 years old and

had done it at his pre-school

under the watchful eyes of a teacher

who told him to redo it -

You know... to get it right

for his mum for Mother’s Day.

She meant well

but they ran out of time.


So he came home with this.

And it looked PERFECT to me - it still does.

It sits there now on my shelf

in full view of my guests

and from all angles in the room

as a reminder of the little things

that made me smile.

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