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I Will not Say Goodbye​

Anitha Devi Pillai

I will not say goodbye – 
not today over this meal…
We have many more morning coffees to have,
and lunches and dinners bent over our books,
in our memories to live through.

I will not say goodbye –
not now, not tonight as we gather…
You have held my hand through the storms,
Propped me up to the world when I was weak,
Clapped the loudest when I won,
and always had my back. 

I will not say goodbye  - just au revoir, perhaps.
For blessed are those who have a true friend – 
as I have in you.

Au revoir…till our next morning coffee,
laughter and a red velvet cake finds us together.

I will not say goodbye tonight as we gather. 

Dedicated to Dr Mary Ellis

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