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Next Time I See You​

A writer reminisces 

Anitha Devi Pillai

11 drafts later you arrived

fully formed in many ways

for my editor’s red pen

to shape and coax you into the light.

I see she dressed you in a ball gown too,

You lucky gal!

The next time I see you

I will be able to pick you up

and hold you in my hands

Inhale the woodsy pulp scent

and trace my name on your cover.

The next time I see you

You will be real.

You were made

to live in other homes

be held by other hands -

to be loved and cherished by others.

I pray they be kind to you, my love.

I will think of you every day -

for you were carved out of my soul

and fashioned in my mind -

albeit for nameless others.

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