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Exploring Processes Practices & Strategies

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Project Work provides a firm grounding in critical literacy, encourages collaboration with others, and fosters learner independence.
This is the only publication by Junior College Project Work researchers and practitioners in Singapore. It has been used as a textbook to teach novices the conventions of academic writing at tertiary institutions such as National University in Singapore and at MIE University, Japan.  
The editors and contributors come from a wide range of disciplines and theoretical beliefs, and as such, have a synergy of knowledge that aptly encapsulates the nature of project-based learning. 
It covers a fairly extensive spectrum of concepts, practices and skills ranging from those that relate to the processes as well as to the products of project work to the vital components of research techniques and tools, and assessment rubrics. Insight to the knowledge and expertise of experienced supervising tutors in junior colleges with suggested scheme of work and framework for different aspects of assessments. 
It will be a useful handbook for in-service education professionals, pre-service educators, practitioners of team-building activities, creative educators, research student, facilitator, or any reader looking for further information on issues and practices of project-based learning in Junior College.
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